Refund Policy

Salient Web Solutions has been formulated to define the situations which lead to refunds, the process for a refund claim, and the accountability of Salient Web Solutions in these situations resulting in such a claim. By registering for our services, you declare that you have accepted and agreed with our terms and conditions as delineated in the refund policy.

All the collected data is utilized to enhance the website content, inform the clients about the website updates, or insight into the problems with the request. For instance, you do not require an email from us in the future, do let us know through an email or letter.

Filing a Complaint

At Salient Web Solutions, we look after every project and endeavour to cater final results that meet the requirements of the valued clientele. It is as much responsibility of Salient Web Solutions as the clients. Therefore, every effort made by our professionals is made to reach a solution that does wonders. Contrarily, we also accept situations where dissatisfaction related to our services appear. Refund is only considerable when things cannot be solved with effective communication.

Our goal is to make a mutual conclusion if the client is still unsatisfied with our services and wants to have a refund. We request you to email us for a final word before a refund is requested.

Only if the client and Salient Web Solutions are unable to make a mutual decision with the user after the dialogues are substituted should then a refund be claimed.

Coverage and Scope

The refund policy covers the refund by Salient Web Solutions or a website that is owned and managed by Salient Web Solutions. This policy does not have any entitlements for companies that are not owned by Salient Web Solutions. This comprises any third-party services that are not bounded or in contract with Salient Web Solutions in any way.

Backup and Data Loss

As stated by the terms and conditions of Salient Web Solutions, it has been made clear that using the website exclusively at their own risk. However, Salient Web Solutions does not safeguard against any data loss. With this statement, the customers and users at Salient Web Solutions agree to take responsibility for using the website and its effects.

Eligibility for Refund

At Salient Web Solutions, every project that we take on has its own importance, and we strive to cater you with the best results. We aim to deliver high results as mentioned in the terms and conditions of the proposal. Nevertheless, in spite of every careful step taken, if the client is not satisfied with the outcome and decides to go for a dispute resolution process, we then consider the refund requests according to the following programs in which our refund policy related to each service is listed very clearly:

  • 1. Full refund—when the project is not started or the initial design style requested has not been approved by the client. Then the full refund policy may be considered after receiving the outspoken payment date, and it will take up to 180 working days to refund the total amount.
  • 2. Partial refund—if the experts at Salient Web Solutions cannot deliver according to the delivery policy after the initial design has been approved. The partial refund will be in compliance with the work that is already completed by the professionals at Salient Web Solutions.
  • 3. No refund —if the project is completed and uploaded on the servers.

Acceptability of the Delivery Policy

Note: Salient Web Solutions delivery commitment is entitled to:

  • 1. A project is not considered to be vacant unless the agreed payments are cleared.
  • 2. The refund policy of Salient Web Solutions is not applicable if the handed information for the successful project is not delivered on time. If there are any delays or failures in completing the project due to the lack of improper communication from the client then, it cannot be credited to Salient Web Solutions.
  • 3. No facility for compensation in the delay of delivery under any circumstances is considered until and unless it is agreed upon in black and white, along with a penalty clause for delivery or delay.
  • 4. If the comprehensive details about the project are not given, Salient Web Solutions is not liable to follow delivery refund commitments.

Limitations of Liability

Salient Web Solutions obligation is bound by the value of the large pieces of the projects that are incomplete at the given time. Salient Web Solutions is not responsible for the loss of the data due to the services delivered or not delivered in the stated time. The liability to remuneration holds only when the client has cancelled the project, and the cancellation has been made with proper communication in writing.

Process of Refunds

The partial refund will be primed and mailed within 180 working days from the cancellation day. The amount will be paid with the method that was agreed upon at the starting of the project.

The full refund will be made and mailed within 50 business days from the day of cancellation. The amount will be delivered using the methods that were agreed upon in the beginning. The amount will either be refunded by cheques or credit card.


Salient Web Solutions holds the right to make amendments in the policy at any time without any notice. This is why the users are recommended to read the policy thoroughly. The continued use of the Salient Web Solutions website after the amendments will automatically imply your acceptance of the same theory.

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